Isolated Phase Bus Duct

Isolated phase bus-duct


IPBD used in power station and industrial use for High capacity generator and interconnection between Generator to Transformer.


Upto 36 kV and 25000 Amps

Salient Features

Elimination of phase-to-phase faults

  • Great short-circuit resistance
  • The enclosure is constructed of non-magnetic material, generally aluminium, in view of its low cost and weight as compared to copper. The nonmagnetic material eliminates hysteresis and eddy current losses in the enclosure, as a result of mutual induction.

To contain the proximity effect, in the metallic

  • Limitation of difficulties with electromagnetic compatibility
  • Protection of insulators against unfavourable ambient conditions
  • The enclosure must be airtight and waterpro of
  • The termination of the conductor at the generator, transformer and the switchgear ends are made through flexible connections