Isolated Phase Bus Duct

Isolated phase bus-duct


Used in Power Generating Stations and Industrial applications for higher capacity generator (up to 800MW) connections, interconnections between transformer to switchgear and Switchgear to Switchgear.


12kV to 36kV, & rated currents up to 30000A with natural cooling & up to 55000A utilizing forced air cooling. & 50 / 60 Hz.

Salient Features

  • Independent Phase: Nearly nil mutual induction.
  • Voltage rise in Enclosure : Very Low
  • Excellent shielding under short circuit conditions: Near elimination of forces.
  • negligible induction with neighbouring equipment: No heat and loss effect.
  • Independent Enclosures: Phase to Phase fault impossible.
  • continuously welded enclosures:
    • No water and dust ingress.
    • Better insulation resistance.
    • Enhanced efficiency of bolted contacts.
  • Free movement of conductor during expansion: No cantilever forces on insulators.
  • Enclosures insulated from support structures:
    • Avoids undesirable induced circulating current beyond regular path.
    • No undesirable current loops and hence no heating in supporting beams.