Our Infrastructure

Power Ways Technologies is a leading supplier of non segregated phase bus duct upto 1.1 kV /6000 A , Segregated Phase Bus duct upto 33 kV/6000 A and Isolated Phase Busduct upto 36 kV/25000A. We manufactured CT marshalling Panel, all type of kiosk for LT & HT panel and heavy steel support structure.

Machine Description
Mechanical Bending Press (3 Meter & Bending Cap. up to 5 mm thick sheet)
Shearing Machine (Shearing Capacity up to 5 mm thick sheet)
Rolling Machine (Rolling Capacity up-to 16 mm thick MS Sheet)
Digital DFT Meter (Paint Thickness)
Nondestructive testing Kit (D.P. Test)
Digital Caliper Meter
Spot Welding (15 K.V.S.A)
MIG Welding
Angle Grinder
Drill Machine (Omex Make up to 1" Cap.)
Hand Drill (Up to 10 mm)
Gen. Set (62.5 KVA)
Baking oven (8`x 8`x 8`)
Air Compressor
Magnetic Drill M/c
Tig Welding M/c (Aluminum / Stainless Steel)
Pug M/c
Pipe Cutting M/c