About Power Ways Technologies

Power Ways Technologies is amongst the leading suppliers of electrical equipment in India and is India’s largest exporter of industrial Bus-Ducts. It has wide range of electrical products and application in power generation, distribution, control, protection.

The business operations of Power Ways Technologies are divided in the following strategic business units (SBUs)

  • Segregated Phase Bus-Duct.
  • Non-Segregated Phase Bus-Duct
  • Isolated Phase Bus-Duct
  • PTSP Cubicles
  • Neutral Grounding(N.G) Cubicles
  • CT Mar shilling Box
  • Steel Support Structure
  • Hot Air Blower System

Our Mission

  • To create a unique alchemy of outstanding products, operational excellence, path breaking customer service, and compelling marketing.
  • To create and relish a vibrant workplace where employees are empowered, cared for, developed, and most of all, provided unlimited opportunity to discover their full potential.
  • To continuously enhance our core technologies, and develop new world class technologies and products to expand our offering to customers.
  • To consolidate and strengthen our position as India’s largest exporter of Industrial power distribution and control equipment.
  • To earn a healthy return on investment for the shareholders.
  • To everyday experience, the sheer joy of delighting our internal and external customers, and to relish the thrill of participation in India’s infrastructure boom


  • The Company is a market leader in the country for design, manufacture, erection and commissioning of Isolated, Segregated and Non-Segregated Generator Bus Duct from 60 MW - 660MW power plants and above.
  • The company offers a wide range of natural air cooled Isolated Phase Bus Duct from 1000A to 25,000A. The Company has to its credit the supply of largest number of Bus Ducts to major power plants in India through the B.H.E.L and other utilities for several power plants erected and commissioned outside India. The largest proportion of power generated in India flows through PWT busducts.
  • Our Bus Ducts have been successfully type tested for highest peak current during short circuit test and also for temperature rise test.

Quality Policy

  • We at Power ways Technologies strive to deliver quality products as per Indian & international standards and services to our customers by continuous improvement in the working of our employees through process based working and adopting new techniques.
  • We are committed to achieve excellence in design and Manufacturing of Bus duct System through
  • Upgrading Equipments & QA system as per latest Standards and Customers Requirements.
  • Quick readdressed of Customer Concern taking corrective and preventive actions.
  • Providing adequate resources including Infrastructure & Competent Personnel.
  • We are committed to review our Quality Management Systems to achieve continual improvements.

All facilities required for implementation of this policy will be provided.